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Outbound Calling

Outbound Calling

With Calls On Call calling on your existing and potential clients, you will make more sales and have happier customers.  Ha s a client ever complained that the customer service was ever too good?

How happy would your clients to hear a neutral third party, such as Calls On Call, ask your clients how their purchasing experience was and if they could be better served?

What could you do with this information?  Could you upsell your clients or inform them of other products and services while they are raving about your company?  Could you get some solid feedback to help refine your policies?  If just one phone call helped you keep a client that was on the way out, what would that mean for your business?

Your customers deserve to have their voice heard and you deserve to have the information that your customers may not openly share with you.  Did you know that customers are 64% more likely to tell someone they did not like your service rather than telling you directly.  The caveat here is that you often do not ask how the service or product is serving your customers.  And if you do ask, it is not in a place or time that your customers feel comfortable to honestly answer.  With feedback gotten by a neutral third party, such as Calls On Call, your clients will feel more comfortable to actually share their true experience.

How often have you heard the word “fine” from people?  How was your day?  How was the service?  How did you like the product?  We are trained to answer “fine” and move along.  Even if we are not fine!  Imagine your client tells you they are “fine” and really hate this annoying detail.  A detail that seems frivolous to you as a business owner, but to a paying client it means going somewhere else.  Would you want to know that a simple tweak could improve customer retention by over 20%?

With the trained outbound callers from Calls On Call contacting your clients you can rest easy knowing that you are a well informed business owner and can make changes based on real feedback.

Get started today for as little as $55 per month to get the customer feedback you need to grow your business.

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