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How Long is a Minute?

time to answer callsHow long is a minute? 

For Calls On Call, a minute is 60 seconds.  But for some other call answering services, a minute can be as little as one second.

What?!?  That is crazy math, right?

Not all call answering services measure a minute the same.  For example, some charge a minimum amount of time for any interaction.

For example, let’s take that telemarketer that called you recently.  It took you about two seconds to realize it was a junk call, right?

Some of our competitors will charge you 30 seconds, some even a full minute or two as a minimum for that call, regardless of length!

That means that one of the ways to compare apples to apples when researching call answering services used to be by checking minutes of time in a package and comparing the price for that package.  Now a minute to Calls On Call is actually a minute, but to another company that minute could really be a few seconds of actual usage. Read More

Excellent Communication Will Get You Far

Not that long ago, I had a bad employee. He was charming, funny and a good looking person with charisma that was approaching James Bond devilishness. He also happened to be a sociopath.

It took me a while to realize that this employee had some issues. What it taught me was the power of excellent customer service.

You see, this employee sabotaged some customer’s office machines for a different company of mine. He was smart enough to then keep in constant contact with them to let them know that help was on the way…soon. It took me a few weeks to get wind of the underlying problems that were building up.

This isn’t a blog about bad employees. This is a blog about great customer service. This employee, though criminal and negligent and void of all concern for our client’s office machines, was smart enough to care about the client’s feelings. That is why it took weeks to discover the issue. Read More

How to Improve Your Google Reviews

As I was surfing the internet searching for a home improvement company, I came across an odd result. Many area builders do not have the best Google Reviews. Google reviews as well as most other review sites I have always taken with the tiniest of grains of salt. Read More

10 Signs You’re a Dedicated Receptionist

If you’ve ever doubted your excellency, see if you can par 10 for 10 of these signs that you are indeed a dedicated receptionist! Read More

How to be an Outstanding Receptionist

Anyone can be a receptionist, but it takes special kind of personality and breed to be an OUTSTANDING RECEPTIONIST.  Becoming an OUTSTANDING RECEPTIONIST takes a lot of hard work and experience which will develop over time.  What are the most important skills exactly needed to be an OUTSTANDING RECEPTIONIST? Well let’s below!?

  1. Exceptional Phone Voice and Manner

Anybody can learn how to the phone, but having a “phone voice” is an unteachable trait.  It has something to do with pitch and stressing of syllables and sounding like you genuinely care.  Always be polite and respectful to each and every caller. Note accurate and correct caller details repeat telephone numbers if necessary for return calls.

Read More

Why Your Cell Phone will Kill Your Business

Do you remember business before cell phones?  Not that long ago, it was common to see some business people with HUGE cell phones.  They didn’t even call them cell phones.  They were bag phones or car phones or Motorolas.  Bringing it to the cell phone nomenclature is fairly recent.
Back then not every 12 year old kid had them.  Most people did not have them.  Many people thought they would come and go like a fad.  Many businesses relied on landlines and answering machines just as many businesses relied on brick and mortar stores. Read More

How can I get my phone answered?

You have a successful business.  But all of this growth and success has cost you some momentum.  You now do not have the time to answer your phone.  Some days you have a rough time getting to all of your email.
What is a business owner to do?
Read More

Business Coaching 101

Have you ever received a business gift from someone?  Something like a book or audio or even a link to a video that promises to bring massive business success?  I have received a lot of these and am forever grateful that people think of me when they see, hear or read something that has a business tip in it. Read More

I Forgot I Called You

I was looking for someone to help me with what you do. But I called so many people and left so many messages I actually forgot which companies I called.

7 was my limit. I called 7 companies, left 7 messages and after 20 minutes of nothing to show for my efforts I went to lunch. Then I came back to work. I went home and watched TV, I may have even seen your ad, I don’t know. Read More

Communication is in the Name

I recently attempted to get a meeting with a local company offering PR work. They seem to be a reputable company, as you would hope a PR company is. The funny thing is, they were insanely hard to get a hold of. Read More

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