I recently attempted to get a meeting with a local company offering PR work. They seem to be a reputable company, as you would hope a PR company is. The funny thing is, they were insanely hard to get a hold of.

I have a local number, so for all they knew I had 5 trucks full of cash and I was ready to ask them where they would like me to unload them. The message I left was simple, vague and slightly annoyed. The same I leave for every company that doesn’t answer their phone, regardless of if I am driving the money truck or asking them to back their truck up to my bank.

The worst part is that the word communication is in their name. They felt so strongly about communication that it took up 50% of their business name. I suppose that is similar to Honey Smacks cereal. Honey is so far down the ingredient list it likely can be forgotten in the recipe and you wouldn’t be able to tell. And the last bowl I ate I did not get smacked. Chalk it up to good luck or fast reflexes on my part, that cereal is misnamed. But who would buy “Crunchy Sugar”? Well, maybe I would…

My point is that this company may very well not need someone to take care of their communication. But it looks a little suspect when you expect it. Maybe that is why the word Communication ended up in their name. The suggestion alone may be enough for you to assume that your call will be returned in a reasonable time. Or that they are like the Jesus of PR. Hard to get a hold of and you aren’t quite sure if they are working on what you want them to.

I suppose they are just another company struggling to make it day to day with business fires to put out and a family to take care of. Some annoyed potential client that they don’t call back is one less annoying client they have to work with in the future. But I wouldn’t be annoyed if they answered their phone, upheld their virtual promise of communication and let me possibly back my money trucks up to them.

Maybe they just need to change their name. My suggestion is a simple, “PR Sometimes, Inc.”