I was looking for someone to help me with what you do. But I called so many people and left so many messages I actually forgot which companies I called.

7 was my limit. I called 7 companies, left 7 messages and after 20 minutes of nothing to show for my efforts I went to lunch. Then I came back to work. I went home and watched TV, I may have even seen your ad, I don’t know.

I even made it back to work the next day. 2 days after I called you and I performed my daily tasks that did not include staring at the phone like a lonely prom date you called me. Dreams do come true, right? Finally you are blessing me with a call back. Surely the stars have finally aligned for you to give a care enough to call me back. It was magical.

But I was confused. Who are you again?

You were under the impression I called you and only you and had green money to spend with only you. That was not the case. I’ll spend money with 2 types of companies: ONE) Those with zero competition that have something I must have and TWO) Those that make it as easy as possible to buy from when I want to buy from them.

You must have been on vacation or your phone didn’t work or you just didn’t care about my call. And you were frustrated when I didn’t care about yours. Better luck next ring, right? Maybe you’ll be available and I can begin to care who you are again.

Let’s make a deal to make this easier. When I have money to spend with you and I call you at a reasonable time, you answer your phone. No one will be confused, I can get my stuff done and not kill 20 minutes trying to get it done. You can have some of my green money and do your job and get referrals and grow your business. Does that sound fair?

Having a business means having to work with customers. Customers will likely call you at some point. If they do not, if I was the exception and it is rare that anyone calls you, then I apologize. If that is the case, my friend, it sounds more like a time-consuming hobby.