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Outbound Call Services

Lean on us to get more accomplished in a day.

Outbound Call Services
Calls On Call receptionists are the best.

Our outbound call division offers outbound call specialists who provide services including:

  • Appointment setting
  • Cold sales calls
  • Information gathering
  • Customer service follow-up
  • Collection services
  • Secret shopper services

If you want to increase your sales efforts, ensure customer service visits were performed at the high standards you expect of your employees, or need help with collections, our Outbound Call Specialists are the perfect fit for your business!

Have you ever checked on your employees work by calling your customers and asking for feedback?  Do you have a few clients that are slow to pay?  Do your sales people look at the phone as an evil paperweight?  Do you ever wonder if you are charging competitive rates to others in your industry?  Do you mean to make some calls every week and they just never happen?

Would it surprise you if a trained Calls On Call outbound specialist could help you with these calls and more?  You already know what you should be doing.  Customers want to feel appreciated and valued, I am sure you would agree with me.  Would you also agree that a simple follow up phone call could bring you in happier customers as well as more business?

With Calls On Call outbound services you no longer have to wish you were able to get to these calls.  You can have us get to them so you can do what you do best for your company.  With Calls On Call we can make sure that not only are you a satisfied customer of ours, you’ll be very satisfied because we will do our best to make sure your customers are satisfied as well.

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