Auto Glass Lead Package (Pay Per Lead)


Auto Glass Lead Package (Pay Per Lead)

$229.00 $129.00

Base + $5 per lead

Auto Glass Lead Follow-Up Package for businesses with incoming leads from

Pay only for what you use on a per lead basis.

Includes online calendar scheduling, blind caller ID and custom outbound line.

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The number one thing auto glass clients want is Fast and Accurate Communication.

They just want to know that their windshield is being taken care of in a timely and professional manner.

You have to do a lot to make sure your business runs well.  This includes being available to follow-up on the leads you receive in a timely manner.

But that isn’t always realistic.  You have a lot to do.

So what should you do?  Hire someone full-time and pay thousands of dollars every month?  Not to mention the HR headaches, equipment, training and general headache that comes with employees.  Skip contacting your leads and keep paying for nothing, making everyone upset?  Or just keep juggling everything and promise yourself it will get better…someday?

Calls On Call has the ideal solution.  It serves your clients dramatically better than other options and more consistently than an in-house employee could take care of your leads.  We provide the tools necessary to turn your leads into happy customers.  These include:

  • Online Calendar Scheduling: Calls On Call will schedule your leads, using your calendar and your rules.  We are able to work with just about any system you currently use.  This includes Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Schedulicity and Calendly, among other scheduling software.  We will work with you to get the right software setup.  In addition, you tell us the ground rules for scheduling your clients.  Do you have different employees with different skills, want to make sure your drive time is minimized each day or want to group clients together?  We can take care of all of that.
  • Dedicated Outbound Line (For Outbound Calls): With this tool we can have a Caller ID setup to show your company name.  This allows customers that want to call you back the correct information to do so.

Your auto glass clients want answers.

Calls On Call knows that every lead has one need: they want answers.  They want a live human that can help them.  They want to know, “Can you help me with my glass?” or more importantly, “When can I pay you to fix my windshield?”.

If you do not follow-up, one of your competitors will.

Calls On Call puts customer service as it’s number one priority.  This includes for you as our client as well as for your clients.  We take being the voice of your company very seriously.

Calls On Call protects you and your business.

Working with Calls On Call involves a high level of trust.  Your clients will be speaking to our employees that you have helped train.  This is a big deal and it is why we are so successful.  Our clients have trusted us to serve them and their clients for years.  Calls On Call repeatedly receives high accolades and testimonials from our clients.  Many of these testimonials come from our clients that they have heard from their customers.  These are customers that had no idea our clients were using our service.

Add-On Options

  • Dedicated Receptionist: Calls On Call offers you the option of having a primary dedicated receptionist.  This means that you can have one person be the voice of your company for over 80% of your calls.  Your clients will have no idea that your dedicated receptionist happens to be in a different office.
  • Customized Call Reports: We offer basics stats for you to look at each month including the number of calls.  If you would like more detailed reporting, we can help you.  Want to know how each lead was handled or any other metric we can measure?  With Customized Call Reports we can give you the information you need to improve your business.
  • Email Management: We can take care of your incoming email leads and do email follow-up. Use this for your email or a general “” email.  The faster your company  can respond to a customer inquiry, the better.

For additional details of working with Calls On Call, please call (608)210-3110 or email

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