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“Calls on Call has been a great help to our business. We were not ready for a full time position, a part time employee would not have been able to do enough and we didn’t want a giant impersonal call service with limited capabilities. Calls on Call is exactly the right fit for us, they answer the phone, help with emails and other office tasks. They have the availability of a full time person but at the cost of less than a part time employee. They help with the constant phone and email interruptions and other administrative tasks. Now I work more efficiently and can take a week-long vacation for first time in 10 years. Clients have been happier, I’ve been happier and business has been going better. I was nervous at first about outsourcing the first point of contact with our company but now I could not be happier. I received unsolicited complements weekly about the professionalism and skill of Lacie who is assigned to our company when clients call. Calls on Call has been a great service and I highly recommend it to others.”

Tony Trapp Tony Trapp Remodeling & Repairs LLC

“Calls on Call is a great fit for my business – the receptionist is very professional and feels like another member of my team. Having full-time phone coverage without the cost of a full-time employee is a win-win! I highly recommend Calls on Call.”

Heidi Aschenbrenner Renu Massage & Day Spa

“Calls On Call has been one of the best additions to Doc Jams Printer Repair we have ever made. After trying several options including part time help, cell phones, voicemails, and outside call services we had to do something better. Our customers deserved better, and we as a company were priding ourselves on a service that was nearly impossible to reach. In the end we relied on Calls On Call to help us with the answering of our phones and helping our customers. Calls On Call has been great. We receive unsolicited compliments weekly from customers that are very happy with the professionalism and service they receive through our Calls On Call receptionist. Without Calls On Call we would be just another company missing out on great customers that were trying to reach us. Today I am happy to say that we are not just another company. We are another great company that answers the phone when it rings due in large part to Calls On Call and the help they give to all of our customers. I would recommend Calls On Call to any business that needs the professionalism of a very kind receptionist without the headache of losing customers you never knew were trying to reach you.”

Doc Jams Printer Repair

“I have had the opportunity to work with the staff at Calls on Call thru our busiest season ever. Our client response time has improved dramatically, and the convenience of having an expert answer the phone and schedule our appointments has been immensely valuable to our sales and field staff. This is the perfect service for business owners that are constantly on the go- not to mention the savings of not having to hire staff to monitor the phones for eight hours a day. I would, without hesitation, recommend Calls on Call to any business owner!”

Briana Frank Tree Health Management


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