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Take charge of your business in a whole new way in 2021 by joining the Virtual Office revolution with Calls On Call!

According to one study, those who work remotely work 1.4 more days per month than their office-based counterparts, resulting in more than three additional weeks of work per year. Experts had been predicting for years that a shift to remote work and virtual offices would happen because it’s always been more efficient, but many business owners resisted. Why did it take a pandemic to actually force the change?

For some reason there has always been a belief that a business needs to have a physical presence and an office full of workers to be successful. But now the most forward thinking entrepreneurs are throwing out that concept entirely and moving to a hyper-efficient Virtual Office with Calls On Call. We call it a Virtual Office because we do so much more than business phone answering: we handle all the calls and all the routine back-end administrative tasks for you, so you can put the office work on autopilot and just go out and do what you do best.

Besides just scheduling appointments for a business owner, we also schedule all installation and repair appointments. We have a shared calendar that updates instantly when a change is made so we are always all on the same page. You can customize your Calls On Call virtual office however you want; you don’t have to utitlize every feature we have. If the only feature you need right now is scheduling, and you don’t need us managing your email and responding to new leads as soon as they come in, you don’t have use that feature. We allow full customization of your virtual office, we’ll work with any software you have.

And if you don’t have any special software and you don’t even know where to start because you’ve just been doing everything yourself, like a lone wolf or a business ninja, a Calls On Call virtual office is what you need. We have every feature you need to run the back end of your operation and we replicate the experience of a real office for every customer that calls in. If you have a really great office person right now that you just cannot get rid of, for whatever reason, your virtual office can be the ultimate back up team for that person!

You might be looking at every great feature we offer with our virtual offices and saying to yourself, yeah but my office person already does all that. But that person, no matter how awesome they are, can’t answer 4 lines at once. Your virtual office can. That one person can’t respond to a lead that just came in to your inbox at the same time they’re on a call scheduling an appointment for this Friday, but your Calls On Call virtual office can! With a single office person your growth will always be limited because you’ll be missing calls and missing out on jobs every time that person is on a call, in the bathroom, or out sick. Creating your own Calls On Call virtual office solves all of those problems, whether you use as for everything or just as a backup to your own team.

No phone service can do what we do with our virtual offices, period. They may have some fancy-sounding feature to offer or some other gimmicks but they will never sound like we us; they will never give people the feel of an in-house receptionist like we do. Hiring in-house help comes close to us in quality but they can’t answer 3+ phones at once, they need lunch breaks and they cost 70% more than a Calls On Call Virtual Office.

Calls On Call was designed by an entrepreneur that had a growing IT company that needed a solution to a typical problem of many small businesses: How do you offer the best phone service for the potential clients that call you and take care of them right away in real time, without wasting money on staff outside of the time they would be on the phone calls? The desire for our founder was not to start a virtual office comapny or an answering service business, the desire was to find an existing solution. But no other virtual receptionist or phone answering service solution existed that offered the level of customer service that Calls On Call offers it’s clients. And no other virtual office service offers the level of customization that we do.

From the beginning the goals at Calls On Call were and continue to be:

-Answer every call.

-Treat each caller as if they were our own client.

-Solve the caller’s problem.

-Make the caller feel great for having talked to us.

-Help the customer complete the sale with our client.

-Give the illusion that to the caller that they reached an employee of the company they called in the office of the company they called.

-Work efficiently.

It’s time to really take charge and grow your business into the stratosphere in 2021, and utlizing the efficiency of a Calls On Call virtual office is the fastest way to do it. If you’re looking for that all-in-one solution for call answering, email management, text messaging, handling leads, scheduling, chat, and more; and if you’re interested in using the efficiency of a virtual office to boost your profits and grow exponentially, give us a holler at Calls On Call. Let us help you build the virtual office of your dreams!

Creating Your Own Virtual Office

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