Frequently Asked Questions for Calls On Call Answering Services

Rest assured that a real, live, kind and helpful human being with a warm and comforting voice will be on the other end of the phone when your customers call. That means that a recognizable receptionist will be happy to greet your customers. Your virtual receptionist will learn your customers’ names, common orders and ways they like to communicate. Exactly how you would want it done.
Another great question. You have the option to get a dedicated receptionist answer the calls for your business. Your virtual receptionist will answer your phone and be the same voice your customers will be used to hearing. You may even find that your customers tell you that your receptionist is so pleasant. You can decide whether or not to tell them you are utilizing the power of a VR.
As with every job that utilizes the skills of a specific individual, occasionally another receptionist will need to answer your phone. With the documented flow that you helped lay out at the beginning of your relationship with us you can be certain that anyone that Calls On Call allows to answer your phone will be just as courteous and professional as your typical virtual receptionist.
No, absolutely not. Our receptionist will sound as if they are in a quiet, professional office with no other noise or distractions. In addition, the call quality is much better with your local receptionist. You may even be surprised to learn that often your customers will associate the pleasant voice of your new VR with YOUR company.
Do all of your customers leave voicemails? Maybe some of them call your competitors when they are unable to reach you. You may never know how much money you are losing when you are unable to answer every call.
It doesn’t matter what you do, phone calls are interruptions. Whether you are fixing a leaky faucet, holding up a wire, working on stacks of documents, repairing a computer or simply enjoying coffee with a potential client, when your phone rings you are losing precious time…both the time for the call as well as the time to get back to what you were doing. If I told you that you could get more done in a day if you had fewer interruptions would you believe me? Of course you would.
You could. They cost less than local receptionists, but why do you think that is? Because they don’t customize their service to best suit your business. In addition, your customers have to deal with the background noise of a call center, and you are unable to give them administrative tasks to handle, like your local receptionist can. With offshore calling centers the illusion of your own receptionist is clearly dissolved and a frustrated customer of yours may be hanging up before you have a chance to do anything about it. Plus, an offshore call center sounds like an offshore call center.
Great question. Would you get a part time receptionist to answer the phone sometimes, or a full time receptionist that costs a lot of money? From hiring and pay, to benefits and vacation and a phone system to maintain, hiring a receptionist is expensive. If you paid a receptionist only $12 an hour for 40 hours per week it would cost you over $2000 a month. Did we mention that does not include taxes, insurance, or even a desk and computer, training, and your time and frustration? This could add up to well over $3000 a month! That is if you can find someone reliable and competent to work for $12 an hour. Compare that with the cost of Calls On Call and you’ll understand why it’s the smartest move. Plus, we don't take vacation, lunch or call in sick. We don't even demand you deal with our typical employee baggage. We are a business owner's dream come true when it comes to office staff.
Your receptionist can also do other administrative tasks outside of answering your company’s phone. Are you tired of wasting time with email or scheduling? Let your receptionist take care of it. Do you waste time sending invoices and statements? Your receptionist can do that as well. With administrative backgrounds to offer, you know this is a great service.
Exactly how you would like them to. We can customize the greeting during the consultation, from ‘Hello and thank you for calling ABC company’ to ‘I’m with ABC Company and here to help, what can I do for you today?’
We are proud to say that we have your receptionist right here in the Madison, Wisconsin area. No misunderstandings and no call center noise. As far as your customers know, you have your own receptionist.
Right away. We will schedule a consultation with one of our phone experts and local receptionists to create a customizable flow that you would like your calls to follow. Typically it takes less than 2 weeks from signing to us answering.
Less than you think. In fact the whole idea is to allow the receptionist to MAKE YOU MONEY. That’s right, when you utilize a VR it will free up your time and resources for more business. After a consultation with Calls On Call you will be quoted a monthly fee based on your needs. If you could utilize a VR in order to save time and make more money, why wouldn’t you?
Your phone is forwarded to the VR during normal business hours. They answer the phone exactly how you want them to. Then your VR works to make sure the phone call is completed by following your instructions from your call flow chart. Any messages are given to you when and how you want them. Immediately over email or twice a day by phone or text. Your VR service is completely customizable.
You may need a VR if you are missing a lot of calls. Missed calls means missed opportunities. When your potential or existing clients are unable to reach you, chances are they will be calling your competition. Your competition may be answering their phones right away.
Calls On Call is a company that offers virtual receptionists for small businesses. A virtual receptionist (VR) is simply a full time receptionist you share with a few other small businesses. This allows for substantial cost savings to you with all of the benefits of not missing an important call.
Calls On Call charges you based on the package you select that is based on the expected volume of time our receptionists will be doing work for your business. Many of our competitors have a 1 or 2 minute minimum charge per call. We calculate this by the second. We have no minimums. You calculate only the time actually used. Which means that you can get a lot of junk calls and not have them harm your bottom line.
It is up to you how we handle all incoming calls for your business, including the not so good calls. Most clients have us either say, "No thanks," and hang up or simply hang up.
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