Why Choose Calls On Call?

We understand that you have a lot of choices when it comes to options for answering your business phone calls.  Really, all of your business communication channels, whether telephone calls, text messages, email, online chat, social media messages or the next new way to communicate.

Business Call Answering Options

You can do your best to get to all of the incoming calls yourself.  You can hire staff to answer of of your business calls.  Or you can hire a call answering service to take care of your business calls.  Between all of these, there are some pros and cons to be aware of.

Answer Your Own Calls

Answering all of your business calls yourself when you first start out is common.  You don’t have that many calls coming in.  Once your business gets established, you can quickly become overwhelmed with doing everything.  The solution is to outsource what you can so you can do what you do best.

Hire a Receptionist

Hiring a full time office administrator may be an ideal solution, though also the most expensive one.  At just $12 per hour (most are paid much more) you will be paying almost $2500 per month!  Add in benefits, vacation, a space to work, equipment and all of the HR requirements and your costs could easily double.  All of this and your receptionist may not stick around.  What do you do when they leave you?

Hire a Call Answering Service

There are many call answering services available.  Most are typically 50 or more people packed into 2 foot wide cubicles.  They act and sound like a call center.  You have to bend your business to fit their programs, phone system and limitations.  Some call center companies offer a bit of customization, or they offer some extra perks to help sell you.  In the end, a call center company will sound like a call center.

The Calls On Call Extraordinary Answering Difference

Calls On Call was designed by an entrepreneur that had a growing IT company that needed a solution to a typical small business problem: How do you offer the best service for the potential clients that call you and take care of them right away, without wasting money on staff outside of the time they would be on the phone?  The solution came in the form of Calls On Call.  The desire for our founder was not to start a business, the desire was to find an existing solution.  No solution existed that offered the level of customer service that Calls On Call offers it’s clients.

So Calls On Call was born.  The goals were and continue to be:

  1. Answer every call.
  2. Treat each caller as if they were our own client.
  3. Solve the caller’s problem as best we can.
  4. Make the caller feel great for having talked to us.
  5. Help the customer complete the sale with our client.
  6. Give the illusion that to the caller that they reached an employee of the company they called in the office of the company they called.
  7. Work efficiently.

In this business, our job is to make the caller feel special and get treated well.  That way, our clients trust us and start off on the right foot with their new customers.

Office Administrative Work Beyond the Phone Call

But what if we took it a step further?  Calls On Call can do more than just answer your phone.  Calls On Call can take care of chats, text messages, social media messaging, and even email.  We can even do light administrative work.  That pile of business cards sitting on your desk waiting to get entered into your CRM software, we can take care of that.  That email blast you keep meaning to send out, we can take care of that.  Those Thank You cards you wanted to send to your past clients, we can take care of that.

Outbound Calls Too

Calls On Call can even follow-up with outbound calls to your clients to make sure they are happy.  Do you get leads from another service you need to follow up on?  We can take care of those leads to help you get that work.

Our Job is to Help You be the Hero for Your Customers!





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