Tenets Of The Calls On Call Extraordinary Answering Service Crew

The Calls On Call Crew Abide By These Rules:

  • I will accept the daily challenges that are presented to me.
  • I will understand the complexity of my tasks before I begin them.
  • I will stay committed to the task until it is completed.
  • I will do what I say I’m going to do, when I say I’m going to do it.
  • I will make every decision based on my client’s best interests.
  • I will take responsibility for the outcome of my actions.
  • I will own my mistakes and take the appropriate actions to correct them.
  • I will learn from every mistake I make, and use that knowledge going forward.
  • Excellence will be my standard.
  • While I pursue perfection, knowing full well that I will never attain it, I will achieve excellence.
  • I will constantly seek knowledge about my profession.
  • Constant improvement will be my mantra.
  • When conditions change I will anticipate the changes and alter my game plan in advance.
  • I will be a leader and my actions will set an example for others to follow.
  • I will understand the standards of professionalism and live up to them every day.
  • When my actions match my goals, I know that I’m on the right path.
  • I will fail only if I give up on myself.
  • I am a professional, by my choice, and this is how I operate.
  • I will assist the team for the good of the team and the company.
  • I will be honest.
  • I will be fair.
  • I will be ethical.
  • I will be proud of the work that I have done.
  • If a problem arises, I will make my team aware.
  • If I need help, I will promptly ask for it.
  • If a request is made, I will respond to it.
  • I will use the rules of effective communication to improve my responses.
  • I will be aware when a client needs to know something and I will let them know promptly.
  • I will be efficient.
  • I will be the standard that others will strive to emulate.
  • I will be an excellent communicator.
  • I will not let anger, frustration, overwhelm or other emotions drain me of my energy to do my best.
  • I will understand that feelings are a choice.
  • I will understand that it is not the facts, but my reaction to the facts that will help or hinder me.
  • I will not accept excuses from myself or my team.
  • I am more than enough.
  • I am more than capable.
  • I will appreciate the opportunity to be on my team.
  • My team will appreciate the opportunity to have me on their team.
  • I will not dwell on problems.  I will find a solution.
  • I will not worry.  I will take action.
  • I will lead.
  • I will make our clients and our team feel better after having spoken with me.
  • I will understand that progress is happiness.
  • The world will be a better place, because I do what I do.


For the love of your business
Tenents of the Best CSR
Tenets of the Calls On Call Crew

One of the reasons small businesses hire Calls On Call is a great by-product. An unanticipated positive reaction to the simple task of having someone else answer your company phone. In a word, FREEDOM. Just think of how many times you have been interrupted by a ringing or vibrating phone. If you answered it you may have interrupted the task you were working on. Maybe you even made someone you were meeting with wait while you dealt with whatever that call brought in. How did that make the people you were meeting with feel? Was the call more important than the meeting? Would they agree? After hiring Calls On Call your phone no longer has to be considered an irreplaceable part of you. You can have your meetings and complete your tasks uninterrupted. Your productivity will soar. You will get more done in less time while offering better customer service. You will have more…FREEDOM.

What you choose to do with that new found freedom is your choice. If you had 2 more hours a day to do whatever you wanted, what would it be? More time managing? More time with family? More time on your boat, in your car or at home relaxing? Did you really start your business to be tied down for 14 hours a day? Of course not.

Let us summarize for you. Right now you likely either have a cell phone that rings for the business or you have an office phone. Either of which are not answered all of the time. How often does your phone get answered? And if you missed a call, how long would it take for you to get back to someone? What if that someone had real, green money to spend with you? You see what I am getting at here. If you hire Calls On Call you will make more money, have more time, gain happier customers and enjoy your business again. Or you could go on thinking about doing something, someday if you wanted.

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What would you do with more time in the day? With your incoming calls answered and resolved, you can spend more time doing things that make you money.

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Your customers will not know that you have a shared receptionist taking care of your phone calls. All they will know is that you are awesome!



Every company is different. You can train your shared receptionist as if they were your own in house receptionist.

Tenets of the Calls On Call Crew

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