Elevator Emergency Package


Elevator Emergency Package for monitoring and answering any emergency calls from an elevator.

This is a flat monthly fee with no cost per call.**

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Anyone that may be stuck in your elevator wants answers.

Calls On Call knows that every caller has one need: they want answers.  They want a live human that can help them.

We Qualify the Call and Then Take Action.

Calls On Call knows that sometimes emergency calls get made that are not truly emergencies.  So we quickly qualify the call as an emergency or not, with your criteria.  We then take action to get the appropriate people notified, which can be 911 emergency as well as an elevator repair company.  Whatever the situation, our agents call answering agents will stay calm and collected, and help your caller keep their cool and know that help is on the way.

We Follow-Up.

Once the emergency contacts have been made, if messages needed to be left, we follow-up to make sure that the right people are notified until we get a response.  We can call, text and email as many contacts as you would like us to.  The goal is to get anyone that may be in a difficult situation in your elevator to get to safety as quickly as possible.

Calls On Call protects you and your business.

Working with Calls On Call involves a high level of trust.  Your clients will be speaking to our employees that you have helped train.  This is a big deal and is why we are successful.  Our clients have trusted us to serve them and their clients for years.  Calls On Call repeatedly receives high accolades and testimonials from our clients.  Many of these testimonials come from our clients that they have heard from their customers.  These are customers that had no idea our clients were using our service.

**Emergency Elevator Package calls limited to 5 calls per month.  Calls above 5 each month will be billed at $20/each.  

For additional details of working with Calls On Call, please call (608)210-3110 or email