What is the Best Phone Answering Solution for Small Business?

What is the impression your potential clients get when they call your business? 

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Answer Your Own Calls
Answering all of your business calls yourself when you first start out as an owner is common. It not the most ideal form of customer service but you didn’t have that many calls coming in. Once your business gets established though you can quickly become overwhelmed by trying to do everything else and customer service simultaneously. 

The most effective solution is to outsource what you can to us so you can just do what you do best. Let us handle your customer happiness and you’ll have maximum peace of mind knowing our phone agents have the tools to handle your appointment scheduling, follow up with leads, handle chats, and route calls while you focus on the core work of your business.

Hire a Receptionist

Hiring a house employee like a full time office administrator may be an ideal solution in some regards, but it’s rarely cost-effective and usually the most expensive option. At just $12 per hour (most are paid much more) you will be paying almost $2500 per month! 

But the true cost of an employee, as you know, is much higher.  Add in benefits, vacation, a space to work, equipment and all of the HR requirements and your costs could easily reach $5000 or more. Plus, does anyone work for $12/hour anymore?  All of this and your receptionist may not stick around. What will you do when they leave you?

Hire a big National or Global Call Answering Service

There are many telephone answering services and virtual receptionist services available for business owners. Most are typically 50 or more people packed into 2 foot wide cubicles and don’t come close to providing the level of customer care we do. They act and sound like a call center and if they can’t customize to suit your needs those virtual receptionist services are more virtual than receptionist. 

You have to bend your business to fit their programs, phone systems, and limitations. Some business answering services offer a bit of customization, or they offer some extra perks to help sell you. In the end, a call center company will sound like a call center so if you need professional business answering services we’ll always be the better fit.

Create Your Own Virtual Office with Calls On Call!

You can do your best to get to all of the incoming calls yourself but you are guaranteed to lose business because you’ll never be able to answer a call while you’re on a call like our team can. You can hire staff to answer all of your business calls but we can do all the same things they can and we only cost 30% what an in-house employee does. You can also hire a call answering service to take care of your business calls but then every customer is going to know its “just” an answering service, not a real receptionist in your office.

With the expert receptionists on our team at Calls On Call answering for you the customers will never know the difference, it’ll be the same as having an office with a receptionist in their minds and it’ll only cost you 30% or less because virtual offices have no overhead. You can go the route of hiring an in house employee to give callers the feel of a real receptionist but what do you do when Jessica wants to go on vacation for a week? What if they find a better job and quit without notice: how will you manage that gap in time between them leaving and the new person learning the ropes?

With Calls On Call, we handle all the basic functions of an office virtually: call answering, scheduling, reminders, review requests, and other administrative tasks. We can automate many of the tasks you’re doing manually and provide a level on consistency and professionalism that cannot be matched by any large call center answering service or by any single in-house receptionist, no matter how awesome they are.

And if you have someone that’s so awesome you don’t want to replace them with a virtual office, that’s fine, we can be the ultimate back up team for your rockstar receptionist. You may have reached a point where you’re ready to really boost your growth and take your business to new heights but you’re afraid your lone employee or your dynamic duo aren’t going to be able to take on all the new calls; that’s right where we come in!

You can downsize and reduce your current staff to take full advantage of all the benefits a Calls On Call Virtual Office provides, or you can mesh the two together. Keep your current staff but use our team of rockstar virtual receptionists to supplement your awesome team so you can be ready for growth without having to lay out a huge investment and commit to bringing in new staff. Not to mention the other costs of growing an office like buying new computers, desks, and equipment, higher utility bills.

There are good reasons why many large companies outsource entire departments to outside companies; it’s often much cheaper to “build” a virtual marketing department than to build a real one, and other companies specialize in it and can do it more efficiently. With a Calls On Call Virtual Office you’re taking advantage of those same efficiencies. At roughly 30% of the cost of a new in-person hire, you can hire us and pocket the other 70 for the rainy day fund. Or maybe use it for new advertising and start to really grow, now that you’ve got a full team of rockstar receptionists filling out your new virtual office you can handle a rate of growth that would’ve been impossible before with only you or a single receptionist answering all your calls. 

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