Keys to Success

What if you never missed a call?

Would your clients love you even more?

Would you have more clients?

Outbound Calling

With Calls On Call calling on your existing and potential clients, you will make more sales and have happier customers.  Ha s a client ever complained that the customer service was ever too good?

How happy would your clients to hear a neutral third party, such as Calls On Call, ask your clients how their purchasing experience was and if they could be better served? Read More

I Forgot I Called You

I was looking for someone to help me with what you do. But I called so many people and left so many messages I actually forgot which companies I called.

7 was my limit. I called 7 companies, left 7 messages and after 20 minutes of nothing to show for my efforts I went to lunch. Then I came back to work. I went home and watched TV, I may have even seen your ad, I don’t know. Read More

Communication is in the Name

I recently attempted to get a meeting with a local company offering PR work. They seem to be a reputable company, as you would hope a PR company is. The funny thing is, they were insanely hard to get a hold of. Read More

Call the Doctor

The Diagnosis and Cure for NOCDILIDI

Have you ever known someone that seems to be sick all of the time?  You know the person that has a cold even in July?  We all seem to know these people and wonder either what are they doing wrong or what the majority of the rest of us are doing right.  Maybe it is just allergies, you know, 11 months out of the year. Read More

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