Anyone can be a receptionist, but it takes special kind of personality and breed to be an OUTSTANDING RECEPTIONIST.  Becoming an OUTSTANDING RECEPTIONIST takes a lot of hard work and experience which will develop over time.  What are the most important skills exactly needed to be an OUTSTANDING RECEPTIONIST? Well let’s below!?

  1. Exceptional Phone Voice and Manner

Anybody can learn how to the phone, but having a “phone voice” is an unteachable trait.  It has something to do with pitch and stressing of syllables and sounding like you genuinely care.  Always be polite and respectful to each and every caller. Note accurate and correct caller details repeat telephone numbers if necessary for return calls.

  1. Terrific Listener

You need to listen to what your client/customer is telling you and respond with a solution… You may have the information they want, with the organization that can promptly assist them.

  1. Wonderful Sense of Humor

It really helps for a receptionist to see the funny side of life and to make clients/customers feel welcome while waiting.

  1. Dazzling Wardrobe

All receptionists should dress well and wear that welcoming bright smile!  A receptionist is usually the first “face” your client/customer sees when they cross that doorstep into your office.

Like I mentioned before anyone can be a receptionist, but being an OUTSTANDING RECEPTIONIST takes a lot of skill and practice.  You need the right attitude and to genuinely care about your clients/customers.  With these traits in hand you are on your way to being an OUTSTANDING RECEPTIONIST.