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How Long is a Minute?

time to answer callsHow long is a minute? 

For Calls On Call, a minute is 60 seconds.  But for some other call answering services, a minute can be as little as one second.

What?!?  That is crazy math, right?

Not all call answering services measure a minute the same.  For example, some charge a minimum amount of time for any interaction.

For example, let’s take that telemarketer that called you recently.  It took you about two seconds to realize it was a junk call, right?

Some of our competitors will charge you 30 seconds, some even a full minute or two as a minimum for that call, regardless of length!

That means that one of the ways to compare apples to apples when researching call answering services used to be by checking minutes of time in a package and comparing the price for that package.  Now a minute to Calls On Call is actually a minute, but to another company that minute could really be a few seconds of actual usage. Read More

Dedicated Receptionist

Your customers will love the friendly, helpful voice of your dedicated Calls On Call receptionist.

What if you never missed a call?

Would your clients love you even more?

Would you have more clients?

Outbound Calling

With Calls On Call calling on your existing and potential clients, you will make more sales and have happier customers.  Ha s a client ever complained that the customer service was ever too good?

How happy would your clients to hear a neutral third party, such as Calls On Call, ask your clients how their purchasing experience was and if they could be better served? Read More

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