As I was surfing the internet searching for a home improvement company, I came across an odd result. Many area builders do not have the best Google Reviews. Google reviews as well as most other review sites I have always taken with the tiniest of grains of salt. After all, who enters these reviews?

The motivation to leave a review is limited by what either drives you or you find entertaining. Leaving a review doesn’t rank high on my vacation plans. But if a company makes someone upset, I imagine that the customer that they upset would be driven to leave a negative review.  The challenge is you need to satisfy roughly 100 people for 1 person to leave a positive review and you need to upset 1 person for 1 person to leave a negative review.

In the case of many local home improvement companies, the reviews had more to do with just getting in touch with the company. A large percentage of 1 star reviews read something similar to this review from J Lynch,
“I contacted Company X* to install a new tub and shower valve… I was then told that their plumbing person would come over to discuss the job and what it would take to get done. He was supposed to be here on a Friday at 5:00. He did not show or call. He was suppose to do the work on Saturday. He did not show. I called Company X but they did not return our calls. Thanks Company X. All it would have taken was a telephone call.”

Or this review from Nathan,
“Contacted Dan and his team several times to use a gift certificate. Very slow response. Contracted to have our home power washed, guy showed up and his equipment failed. We were the told some one would be back. It has been 2 months and the scheduler, Jessica , doesn’t return calls. Do not pay in advance and certainly do not buy a gift certificate from Company X*.”

Or this review from J,
“I called Company X* but they did not return our calls.”

No calls, no shows and no answering the phone. I have heard about employees like that. They work at places where mystery meat sandwiches can be had for around a dollar. Is that how you want your business to be represented?

If you are happy with your company operating the same as a pimply faced, mouth breathing, self-proclaimed victim of society treats their first job, you are welcome to offer that level of service. If you would consider offering a higher level of customer service or you believe that you actually already do, please do me this one favor- answer your phone. Then show up when you say you will. The reward for you is happy customers and positive reviews. And the whole cash and profit thing.  Isn’t that why you do all of this?

*Company names changed to protect the guilty.

James Kademan is one of the owners for Calls On Call, a shared receptionist service in Madison, Wisconsin. If you would like to know how Calls On Call can help you get your business phones answered, call 608-210-3110 or email Or hire a full-time receptionist. Or something else, just get your phones answered. Seriously, you have a real business.