If you’ve ever doubted your excellency, see if you can par 10 for 10 of these signs that you are indeed a dedicated receptionist!

  1. You speed-pee because missing a call feels equivalent to ramming a toe into a steel door.
  2. You get 45 minutes of lunch instead of 60 because Excel spreadsheets are as good as hypnosis.
  3. You’d rather not take a day off for fear someone will adjust your chair, or worse, your monitor position.
  4. You hide all your good pens; leaving borrowers to pick from freebies your bank and dentist provided.
  5. Even at home you answer your phone “Hello, this is ___. May I help you?”.
  6. Going out right after work means going with a kink in your neck from a handset, because the headset hair-dent isn’t a trend.
  7. The office printer is both your baby and your nemesis.
  8. Your telemarketer and BS radar is a runner-up to psychic senses.
  9. Your wordsmith skills are not affected by facial expressions.
  10. You never refer to yourself as “just the receptionist”.

Lacie Lederman 6-22-2016