Have you ever received a business gift from someone?  Something like a book or audio or even a link to a video that promises to bring massive business success?  I have received a lot of these and am forever grateful that people think of me when they see, hear or read something that has a business tip in it.

What puzzles me is that often the advice and information that I get out of these powerful tools is great.  Often it approaches the phenomenal category.  The crazy puzzling part is in relating the material with the person that gave it to me.  More specifically, has this person who presumably read, listened or watched actually ACTED on this great source material?

Sadly, more often than not the answer is a resounding ‘no’.  To my dismay they more likely represent the polar opposite.  When a book suggests to get systems in place, my fellow entrepreneur is putting out fires everywhere in a hurried mess.  When a podcast suggests you should grow your business to bring on the freedom you want I find businesses that have 1 employee…the owner.  When a video states that the path to business success is taking care of the customer I find a business that struggles to maintain a simple calendar for them or their clients.

What would I suggest?  2 things, really.

  1. Keep giving me these books, links and leads.  I love them and cannot get enough.  And I sincerely appreciate it.
  2. Realize that maybe some of the information given in these materials is great.  And it wouldn’t hurt you to take a pinch of the advice.  ACT ON that advice.

I always joke that I’ll be a business coach some day.  But I won’t need to work weekly with you or give you multiple assignments.  I won’t even charge you thousands of dollars to watch you continue to flounder.  All I will have you do is get your phone answered.

Utilizing a shared receptionist service is just one option for getting your phone answered.  Calls On Call offers this service and we do it very well.  If you would like to learn more, simply call us at 608-210-3110 or email hello@callsoncall.com.