You have a successful business.  But all of this growth and success has cost you some momentum.  You now do not have the time to answer your phone.  Some days you have a rough time getting to all of your email.
What is a business owner to do?
One great option is to outsource your phone answering to a shared receptionist service.  This is a service that takes a highly skilled, domestic receptionist and places them in a professional office.  Then, with the power of a technologically advanced phone system your company calls go to this receptionist.
But it doesn’t stop there.
This shared receptionist is trained by you to answer your incoming calls exactly how you would have a full time receptionist answer them.  This receptionist can answer questions, schedule appointments, ask questions and take care of all of your incoming calls so you can do what you do best.  Make your company money.
But what is the shared part of this shared receptionist?
This highly skilled and well trained receptionist is answering the phone for your company.  She may also be answering the phone for a few other companies.  You essentially split the cost of a great full time receptionist with a few other companies.
What happens when more than one call comes in?
Great question and one we get asked a lot.  Essentially your shared receptionist is part of a team.  So though she is able to handle the majority of your calls, other back-up receptionists are available to take up any slack.  This alleviates missed calls due to lunches, breaks, illness, vacation and other employee issues that you would have to tolerate with your own receptionist.  So you save money and get better service.  You win.
Can I really train this receptionist?
You bet you can.  Some companies prefer the receptionist simply take a message, others get deep into training and bring in all of their processes.  Other comapnies that utilize a shared receptionist start simple and gradually move into more advanced training with their new receptionist.
Calls answered equal more money for you and your company.
But you want more than just money.  You also want freedom.  Have you ever gone on vacation with your cell phone and laptop?  Kiss those barely vacations good bye.  It is time for you to get the time off you deserve, without the hassle and worry of taking work with you.
Utilizing a shared receptionist service is just one option for getting your phone answered.  Calls On Call offers this service and we do it very well.  If you would like to learn more, simply call us at 608-210-3110 or email