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Outbound Calling

With Calls On Call calling on your existing and potential clients, you will make more sales and have happier customers.  Ha s a client ever complained that the customer service was ever too good?

How happy would your clients to hear a neutral third party, such as Calls On Call, ask your clients how their purchasing experience was and if they could be better served?

What could you do with this information?  Could you upsell your clients or inform them of other products and services while they are raving about your company?  Could you get some solid feedback to help refine your policies?  If just one phone call helped you keep a client that was on the way out, what would that mean for your business?

Your customers deserve to have their voice heard and you deserve to have the information that your customers may not openly share with you.  Did you know that customers are 64% more likely to tell someone they did not like your service rather than telling you directly.  The caveat here is that you often do not ask how the service or product is serving your customers.  And if you do ask, it is not in a place or time that your customers feel comfortable to honestly answer.  With feedback gotten by a neutral third party, such as Calls On Call, your clients will feel more comfortable to actually share their true experience.

How often have you heard the word “fine” from people?  How was your day?  How was the service?  How did you like the product?  We are trained to answer “fine” and move along.  Even if we are not fine!  Imagine your client tells you they are “fine” and really hate this annoying detail.  A detail that seems frivolous to you as a business owner, but to a paying client it means going somewhere else.  Would you want to know that a simple tweak could improve customer retention by over 20%?

With the trained outbound callers from Calls On Call contacting your clients you can rest easy knowing that you are a well informed business owner and can make changes based on real feedback.

Get started today for as little as $55 per month to get the customer feedback you need to grow your business.

What are your keys to success?

Let Calls On Call help your business grow while you have more time to enjoy life.

I Forgot I Called You

I was looking for someone to help me with what you do. But I called so many people and left so many messages I actually forgot which companies I called.

7 was my limit. I called 7 companies, left 7 messages and after 20 minutes of nothing to show for my efforts I went to lunch. Then I came back to work. I went home and watched TV, I may have even seen your ad, I don’t know.

I even made it back to work the next day. 2 days after I called you and I performed my daily tasks that did not include staring at the phone like a lonely prom date you called me. Dreams do come true, right? Finally you are blessing me with a call back. Surely the stars have finally aligned for you to give a care enough to call me back. It was magical.

But I was confused. Who are you again?

You were under the impression I called you and only you and had green money to spend with only you. That was not the case. I’ll spend money with 2 types of companies: ONE) Those with zero competition that have something I must have and TWO) Those that make it as easy as possible to buy from when I want to buy from them.

You must have been on vacation or your phone didn’t work or you just didn’t care about my call. And you were frustrated when I didn’t care about yours. Better luck next ring, right? Maybe you’ll be available and I can begin to care who you are again.

Let’s make a deal to make this easier. When I have money to spend with you and I call you at a reasonable time, you answer your phone. No one will be confused, I can get my stuff done and not kill 20 minutes trying to get it done. You can have some of my green money and do your job and get referrals and grow your business. Does that sound fair?

Having a business means having to work with customers. Customers will likely call you at some point. If they do not, if I was the exception and it is rare that anyone calls you, then I apologize. If that is the case, my friend, it sounds more like a time-consuming hobby.

Communication is in the Name

I recently attempted to get a meeting with a local company offering PR work. They seem to be a reputable company, as you would hope a PR company is. The funny thing is, they were insanely hard to get a hold of.

I have a local number, so for all they knew I had 5 trucks full of cash and I was ready to ask them where they would like me to unload them. The message I left was simple, vague and slightly annoyed. The same I leave for every company that doesn’t answer their phone, regardless of if I am driving the money truck or asking them to back their truck up to my bank.

The worst part is that the word communication is in their name. They felt so strongly about communication that it took up 50% of their business name. I suppose that is similar to Honey Smacks cereal. Honey is so far down the ingredient list it likely can be forgotten in the recipe and you wouldn’t be able to tell. And the last bowl I ate I did not get smacked. Chalk it up to good luck or fast reflexes on my part, that cereal is misnamed. But who would buy “Crunchy Sugar”? Well, maybe I would…

My point is that this company may very well not need someone to take care of their communication. But it looks a little suspect when you expect it. Maybe that is why the word Communication ended up in their name. The suggestion alone may be enough for you to assume that your call will be returned in a reasonable time. Or that they are like the Jesus of PR. Hard to get a hold of and you aren’t quite sure if they are working on what you want them to.

I suppose they are just another company struggling to make it day to day with business fires to put out and a family to take care of. Some annoyed potential client that they don’t call back is one less annoying client they have to work with in the future. But I wouldn’t be annoyed if they answered their phone, upheld their virtual promise of communication and let me possibly back my money trucks up to them.

Maybe they just need to change their name. My suggestion is a simple, “PR Sometimes, Inc.”

Call the Doctor

The Diagnosis and Cure for NOCDILIDI

Have you ever known someone that seems to be sick all of the time?  You know the person that has a cold even in July?  We all seem to know these people and wonder either what are they doing wrong or what the majority of the rest of us are doing right.  Maybe it is just allergies, you know, 11 months out of the year.

As a small business owner I run into a lot of small businesses that seem to be routinely ill as well.  Only it is not pollen, cats or hanging out at day cares that bring on the illness.  What I typically see is a bad case of NOCDILIDI.  Now it is on the verge of a plague, but thankfully it is rarely contagious.  Generally, meeting someone that has a clear case Nocdilidi infuses a burst of prevention against the infection.  So what is this mystery illness?

Nocdilidi is a scientific term for No One Can Do It Like I Do It.  Essentially it means that, as a small business owner, you believe that you do it the best.  It, of course, means everything from the creation or execution of whatever it is that you sell and all of the backend stuff that goes with the delivery of it.  The list of this backend stuff is huge.  Which leads to an often strong feeling of being overwhelmed as the primary symptom of Nocdilidi.  Sometimes it goes beyond a feeling, often there simply is not enough time in the day for 1 person to do all that they have to do because they know that no one can do it like they do it.  Thankfully for diagnosis, Nocdilidi has 2 main very prominent and recognizable strains.

The first is simply that of the insatiable urge to not let go of any work within your business.  That means paperwork, phone calls, emails, scheduling, feedback, social media, sales and marketing not to mention the actual service you sell as well.  The list is practically endless.  This strain is typically due to a fear of the unknown, or possible failure and fallout from moving these items from you the fearless owner to the To Do list of someone else who may not be so fearless.

The second strain is a powerful one and tough to fight.  It bases itself on the root reason of many people starting their own business.  They want to be the boss, want to be needed and have little time for mopping up other people’s messes.  Yet mopping up their own messes due to being overwhelmed fits very nicely in their 80 hour per week schedule.  Outsourcing To Do list items to others such as an employee or outsourced vendor is a thought for the lazy in the mind of someone with this second strain of Nocdilidi.  You can always tell this second strain because the business will be a solid 1 person operation that has been operating for more than a decade.

But all this talk of illness is no good unless a powerful cure is presented.  So let me be so bold as to offer all of you that have a case, however mild, of Nocdilidi a simple tip:  No one cares.   No one cares that no one can do it like you do it because most people are not aware of how good you think can do it.  Some might not even agree with your assessment of how well you think you can do it.  They just want it done.  Most people could not care less if a chimpanzee did it.  They may even pay a little extra to see that happen.  So the full cure is to get systems in place, your business organized and people in place to do many of the things that currently only you do.

After the sale and the service and the exchange of money customers want just one thing: to be happy they bought from you because you satisfied their need.  Maybe you fixed a leaky pipe, painted a wall or remodeled a kitchen.  The end result is all they want.  I might add that they want it as easy and likely quick as possible.  The last thing a good customer wants is some panting business owner looking like he just ran a marathon pounding through the service they paid for while he takes calls from other customers.  Nocdilidi can scare customers away if it goes untreated.  Or at best they will have to be the cheapest in town to keep customers.

As an owner of a company that offers some outsourced services you may be challenging my angle, and you would be right to.  Let me be clear that answering phones may be well placed on the list of cures for Nodilidi.  Though getting your phones answered  may need to be a few items down from other needs, dependent upon the business.  Every business is different because every business owner at some time has some case of Nocdilidi.  Eliminate the Nocdilidi and watch your business flourish and watch your freedom and profit blossom.

For more suggestions on how to diagnose and cure Nocdilidi feel free to email me at james@callsoncall.com.  

Utilizing a shared receptionist service is just one option for getting your phone answered.  Calls On Call offers this service and we do it very well.  If you would like to learn more, simply call us at 608-210-3110 or email hello@callsoncall.com.

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